• 100% Authenticity

    Every Legitimate product is uniquely backed by a digital NFT. By scanning the LGT Tag, you can claim ownership of each exclusive piece. This guarantees that every Legitimate product is authentic and 100% real.

  • Unique Digital Experiences

    Engage with your favorite brands and creators by unlocking exclusive digital content that is only accessible by scanning the LGT Tag on each product.

  • Flex Your Grails

    Certain products from some capsule collections are in such limited quantity with high demand that there are only a handful of owners in the world. Show to the world that you are one of them.

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  • Use any mobile phone to scan the LGT Tags that are attached to Legitimate's products. Tap into exclusive content that brings you closer to your favorite creators and brands, connect with your communities, and, most importantly, flex your grails in real life and digitally, wherever you may be.